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Welcome to 2024; Our promise

Welcome to 2024; Our Promise

Greetings as we begin 2024, a year full of challenges and possibilities. Our team is ready and well-equipped to overcome each challenge that may arise and will meet each one head-on with resiliency and resolve. Once more, we sincerely thank our esteemed clients for entrusting us with the implementation of…
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Unveiling the Power of Continuous Learning for your organisation

“Unveiling the Power of Continuous Learning for your organisation

There’s a pertinent need for your organisation to stay ahead in terms of organising your organisation’s events, especially considering the ever-changing landscape of human behaviour influenced by factors like environmental conditions, globalization, and scientific advancements. Continuous Audience Insight: Understanding your audience is an inexhaustible aspect of event management. Professor John…
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“A Triumph of Dedication: Celebrating DOXA’s EMD, Mrs. Dayo Benjamins-Laniyi’s (DBL) Appointment as Mandate Secretary”

We are absolutely thrilled to extend our heartfelt facilitations on the recent appointment of our Executive Managing Director (EMD), Mrs. Dayo Benjamins Laniyi (TBL), as the Mandate Secretary for the newly established Women Affairs Secretariat in the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja. This is a truly…
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