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Simple Project management principles that can guarantee event success

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Companies that understand this concept would wish they had learned it sooner. When put into practice, it will boost productivity and provide your business with more possibilities for imaginative event implementation. We have learned from our experiences as the top and most skilled event company in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and throughout Nigeria that adhering to this idea is essential for anybody who wants to consistently plan great events and add the best features to their outcomes.

The project management principle of management by stages is a magic formula any day. Along with giving the chance to effectively manage the entire project, it guarantees the use of the proper resources, personnel, and decision-making processes. Most especially, it provides for applying customized solutions to any challenge that may arise at any point.

For example, this idea enabled us at DOXA DIGITAL Nigeria to transform the way we approach organizing small, huge, or complicated events by utilizing the three stages of Pre-Events, Event day, and Post-Events, which together make up the acronym “PEP.”

In other words, after thoroughly identifying every process and activity that must be included in the event from beginning to end (Note that these must be designed to follow the established event objectives), we group them into the three stages already mentioned.  Notwithstanding, there are also some activities that may appear or be useful for all stages depending on their impact. These also may differ from event project to project

This is how we do it

The first step is to break the events into activity basis, listing all activities that must be engaged from conception to execution, whether they are tangible or intangible; nothing is left out. These activities are then categorized into the PEP event stages. Activities at the pre-event stages are the activities that must be completed before the commencement of the main event. The activities at this very stage are very crucial; they can make or mar the success of the entire event.

The next step is the event day stage, which includes all of the tasks that must be completed on the actual event day. In essence, this is where the minute-by-minute or hour-by-hour order of events or sub-activities that should occur is decided. In essence, all of the tasks listed for this stage should be finished within the agreed-upon window of time.

As the name suggests, the post-event stage includes all of the tasks that must be completed following the primary event day. Despite the fact that these events take place after the main event, they are nevertheless immensely important. They aid in preserving the benefits of the event.

To sum up, PEP is a winning approach that can be used in every situation, regardless of how simple or difficult it may appear at first. Your strengths and weaknesses will be revealed via PEP. Deploying PEP for your organization’s next event is thus something we advise.

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