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Sound Training One (Uncommon Tips For Mixing Sound)

Are you an upcoming sound manager, musician, creative artist seeking to up your game in sound management. Stay with DOXA DIGITAL IN these series of managing your sound.

1.Understand that audio mixing is the processes of taking recorded tracks and blending them together, taking into account the frequencies of each track. Tracks are blended using various processes such as EQ, Compression and Reverb.
2. Your artistic and creative mind set (acumen) contributes about 40% to your success as a good sound manager. So take time to build your acumen.
3. Make sure you get a very good sound captured early in the stage so as to avoid making too much tweaking after the mix which could cost you more.
4. Understand the basic work flow of mixing sound. Although there are several processes of mixing sound but they are majorly broken down into 3 levels. EQ, COMPRESSION and REVERB. Take your time to under these three aspects. Read, Read and practice to discover. Don’t be afraid to try your hands and mind. Not trying at all shows you are on your way to a sound manager.

Stay hooked for the next tips .

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