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Do you know the Top Event Managers in Abuja Nigeria

Just as events have evolved from just being observed as a notable date, to being used to achieve relevance, market, inform or introduce and or activate a product or service. Events management has over the years also evolved from just helping to see that all activities in an event go smoothly to providing solutions to a central problem.

In view of this, individuals and the organizations with time have learned and perfected that act of setting achieving the desired objectives and providing solutions for an event on behalf of their clients. Top event managers are known for their experience, versatility, creativity, sense or excellence, tactful, goodwill, track record and been able to manage all kinds of risks associated with any event been undertaken.

One event management company that fits well with these characteristics is DOXA DIGITAL NIG LTD; DOXA was created in 2000 and incorporated in 2001 in the Federal capital territory FCT of Nigeria.  We have grown to become a known brand in event management in the FCT and indeed Nigeria. She occupies the number one spot when it comes to conferencing or conference sequencing and coordination. Sound production and reinforcement for music concert of any magnitude, lighting effects for any kind of events, multimedia and mega screens services.

DOXA DIGITAL has garnered for herself experience, unquestionable reputation and pedigree and as well goodwill, we have executed top events of international and local recognition and provided event management solutions that have endeared us to many clients. Events such as the KORA awards, Star Mega Jamz, Forever living world meet, World Economic Summit, several local economic summits, Cultural Festivals and shows, Sports shows, product activations, road shows are top ranked events we have successfully handled.


Experience, they say” is the best teacher”; it is a natural endowment that comes by allowing nature to teach a way of life with time. Although the type of learning could be dangerous and costly sometimes, man has not been able to find an alternative for it. You are either experienced or not. Experience, therefore, plays an important role in event management. Some clients will depend on your vast wealth of experience to deliver on certain roles in an event. It is dangerous to experiment in any event because every event is crucial no matter how small it may seem. Experience will help to reduce the risk that may likely come with any event. In the same vein, experienced event managers are better risk managers because they have been through the road severally. Look out for experience any time you want to entrust an event with a tall objective.

With over 17years of experience, in the business, DOXA DIGITAL is about the most experienced in the industry in the FCT and among the most experienced in Nigeria as a whole


Another meaning of this word in the context which we speak is adaptability or flexibility. One character of top events managers is versatility.  Events management is becoming more and more dynamic by the day and it takes versatile events managers to wade in the waters.  Versatility is a stage one grows into; it means you must have grown past some other levels for you to be versatile. Event managers that are versatile are those who can easily adapt to any changes or demand based on client request irrespective of financial or any other involvement without it affecting or causing any critical defect in the provision of the service or any processes involved in the event. DOXA DIGITAL is known to be a versatile event company and it’s been proven in several instances, which is why our clients choose to trust us with their events.


Creativity is relevance for life, in other words, you will remain relevant in life and in anything you do if you are creative. Variety is the spice of life, as it is said. It is probably so because of the fact that creativity births variety. Events will look bland without creativity; people will rather do something else rather than attend your event when they find out that it is usually the same song all the time. People want to see new and interesting features in your event, something that will make them yearn for more or keep them in suspense.

Creativity must be the sixth sense of an event manager; it is the single factor that makes you distinguishable from others because they know your signature. Those who know DOXA DIGITAL can testify about the level of creativity that exists. We take every event as a fresh slate to tell stories and an avenue to exhibit the stuff we are made of.  Most importantly is the plaque this has earned us. Many others events business we did not bid for as reached us not from referrals but from simply viewing with their eyes, the fascinating nature of our handwork.

Sense of excellence

No event manager becomes excellent in a day; it is a conscious effort that takes time. It is a gradual process, painstakingly and consistently striving to do better all the time. It’s about raising the stake above the level previously set after the last event, by you or by others.  What you repeatedly do becomes an attitude. According to Ralph Marston, excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude.. It is also very probable that experience also helps to facilitate excellence, because consistently doing a thing; you will learn better ways of delivering in that event.

DOXA DIGITAL pays attention to every detail. For us, that minute detail can make or mar any event. From our experience, most clients are very freaky about that touch of excellence; it makes them very happy and proud, that is why we go all the way to make it work. Excellence does not hide; it speaks volume about several things about you such as your attitude, respect for clients, experience, credibility, and passion for the trade. So next time you need an excellent event manager loom out for these features.


Tactfulness is all about being sensitive, thoughtful and insightful. Many clients look out for this trait because they want to trust their events into the hands of an event manager that will always feel their pulse. Tactfulness is also a skill that shows you are able to deal with difficulties or crisis when they arise. When people gather at your event, it is wisdom, to always calculate the least to the major risk that could happen. This is important because it keeps you in a ready state to tackle any eventuality.

As a top event management company in Abuja, DOXA DIGITAL is a tactful event management, always seeking to empathize with clients at all times, based on the various concessions that would require us to come to a compromise in times of negotiations.


An online dictionary defines goodwill as the established reputation of a business regarded as a quantifiable asset as calculated as a value when it is sold. This definition clearly shows that it is a character that is closely related to the image of an organisation such as an event management company. Goodwill does not just come; it is as a result of conscious effort directed towards sustaining and maintaining a benefiting, respectful relationship with all clients. Top event management companies do not joke with this virtue because it is one that cannot be acquired with money; it has to be earned in the face of reality.

DOXA DIGITAL is top management company that has earned a lot of goodwill; it has a very benefiting relationship with her clients. We are held in high esteem and our reputation is always positive in the sight of our client.

Risk management

Top event management companies are risk managers. Managing risk in events involves a calculated attempt to measure and minimize to the barest minimum the impact of any eventuality that may arise. Based on international standards, every top events manager must be able to manage risk; they should be able to evaluate any kind of risk associated with any kind of event. For instance if you are fortunate to manage an event for an international organisation, you will be expected to fill out or prepare a risk assessment or evaluation documents. After which it must be shared with all parties involved in a particular event. In a very strict sense, that event may not go on or you may not be legible to facilitate that event if you are not able to meet the criteria.

DOXA DIGITAL has worked with various international organisations and is capable of managing any kind of risk associated with any kind of events. We have done it before and we are still in the business. With our wealth of experience, we are able to track and deal with issues as they arise or before they arise and ensure that our clients have a soft landing.


Written by

Mfon Barry,

Mfon Barry is PR professional, a communications and social media strategist. He works with DOXA DIGITAL NIG LTD.