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2 Reasons Why Your Events Must Go Beyond Tidying Up Glasses And Plates

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In this century, event planning is experiencing a paradigm shift. Those who wants to keep doing things the same way will soon become irrelevant.  See these two reason most event natives must go beyond tidying up glasses, plates and canopies.


Event managers must be tired of just concentrating on just bringing out different styles of pepping up their glasses, plates, canopies etc. It’s time to think out of the box. Your guests are tired of seeing the same thing all over again. After all, they all have wine glasses and plates in their houses. It does not make any difference to them when they see it at events. They want to see something different, something that will make their minds keep up with that event all their life time. Instead of putting your energy in tidying up glasses and plates, focus it on how you want to make things different for that event. Focus it on factors that will tickle their fancies

2. Give the EXTRA for FREE.

As an event manager, you must understand that one event will never give you all the money you need to grow or become that leading event manager that you want to be. In events, providing the best service must precede hustling for your cash. So everything must never amount to money or let’s say it this way, not all you provide must be attributed to making money but RELATIONSHIP!. So nothing should stop you from doing an extra service for FREE! yes I mean free. It does not make you a fool. But it only says you are wise, because you want to make that relationship last. Event manager who think that giving an extra for free is stupid , will soon pay more for extra just to get that relationship which will become now expensive. “Penny wise pound foolish”. Please make sure you indicate this free service on your invoice or any document showing some sort of agreement. This is to ensure that this information is clearly understood by your client’s decision taking body.


Written by

Mfonabasi Udoh Barry

Mfonabasi Udoh  Barry is a PR Professional, a communications and social media Strategist and works with DOXA DIGITAL NIG.

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