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Are Caterers Event Managers Too?

Although not officially confirmed, there are about 5 to 20 events organized every week by governments; state or federal and cooperate entities in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja. This may rise higher especially during festive seasons, the end of the year parties and during political seasons like elections, and campaigns by political parties. This has resulted to the increased need of caterers and events solutions providers in the FCT. Nevertheless, the emergence of terrorism has also had its toll on this development.

Never undermine the immense contribution of caterers at events. They have the power to make or mar any events. Remember the going that says that “the way to man’s heart is through his stomach” Imagine if the cakes or the small chops in any event were messed up or becomes a point of issue. That event becomes as good as unsuccessful or a fluke to so many. So, caterers must see themselves as very strategic to making an event a success

However, among the trends going on these days, are that lots of unqualified persons parade themselves as having the capacity to manage events and at the end of the day, they get away with an itch free event but unable to deliver on the goals of the event; this is money and other resources wasted. This understanding has to be established that being able to manage cooking, bake the most delicious cakes, arrange the most gorgeous canopies does make you very important and strategic in any event but does not bestow on you automatically the cap of an event manager. It’s more of a management function than having very good culinary skills.

Secondly, having the prowess of owning sophisticated equipment like chaffing dishes, sound and lighting equipment, stage and so on, does not also bestow on you the prestige of becoming an event manager. Until you have proven beyond reasonable doubt that you are capable of efficiently and creatively design all sequences that should be engaged in an event in order to realize maximally the goals of the event which can also be measurable. This should be In addition to coordinating both material and manpower, by ensuring that all work in synergy and not in a way of outsmarting each other for false gain because that will be tantamount to team work.

Until determined that you are able to track issues, troubleshoot crisis and resolve them wherever and whenever and make sure that the organizers do not incur maximum losses or experience any regrets for organizing the event. Did I mention crisis? Yes I just did because crisis management is an integral part of event management and this skill must be ingested by every well-meaning event planner.

Furthermore, effective communication, personal and inter personal are a major skill and a must have for any event manager. Events are entangled around communications. Are there any events, without any aims and objectives? Well I say NO! Event managers therefore seek to transmit, interpret these aims and objectives for the guest attending the event to understand. So what do you think will happen when the event manager is not skillful enough to make this happen? The guess is yours.

In conclusion, you can be a caterer, a master baker, you can own canopies and even over sophisticated event equipment so to say and still be a preferred event manager as long as you have the qualities, required skills and the passion to run things. But also you could do even better than being an event manager when you are known for your particular niche or area of specialization.


Written by

Mfonabasi Udoh Barry

Mfonabasi Udoh Barry is a PR professional, a communications and social media strategist and works with DOXA DIGITAL NIG LTD

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