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4 Tips for Creating A Stage Set

As a unique event manager and over the years we have had to continuously create and design a stage set for our clients and the events we are called to power. It is has made us to understand better ways of creating memories through the use of very engaging stage set.


A stage set for an event is a structure made of any material built to a specific size based on the space available. It is placed at strategic positions preferably on the stage, behind where a major action is happening. It is used in communicating certain details to the audiences. It can also perform the function of being a critical part of a decoration.


Find here very functional tips you need to know in order to create a stage set for that event,

  1. Get the concept of the event


You must know what the event is all about, the concept, the colours and theme of the event. They will give you all the ideas you need in creating on interesting stage set. Look for a particular detail that best interprets the events. Please note that it is not meant to be a complex and verbose concept.


  1. Make a mirror image


Pick up a pen, pencil and a paper; take time to draw your concept or what you are picturing on a paper, “if it does not work on a page, it will not work on stage”. You may get an artist to draw a befitting figure. Although, you must not be an artist to be able to know what you want, you only need to be creative.


  1. Create a model.


Using any materials available to you, create a model you would wish to show to the client. But in these days of information technology you could do a graphic sample or a 3D drawing with the right dimension as you would in real life using. With these your client could correct or add any other ideas they would.


  1. Install the set


After the approval of the model, build the set using the right workman and the right materials insisting on the right dimensions as approved. Consider cost and quality. What makes the stage stand well may depend on the two. Make sure the stage does not obstruct movement or any other important function that has to be made


Written by

Mfon Barry

Mfon Barry Udoh is  PR Professional, a communications and content strategist and work for DOXA DIGITAL.