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5 Ways to Know The Best Event Manager to Use in 2020

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This year 2020 has come and it promises to be with lots of surprises. There many things that should not take us unawares when we prepare. A lot of times the decision to choose the best event planner or manager for executing that project could be an arduous task. Especially when there are no forms of sentiments and other strings attached.

However, as top experienced event enterprise agency, with almost two decades of operation as well as having the opportunity to have served various levels of clientele, we have discovered what you should always look out for in choosing that best-fit event manager. In other words, an event manager that will interpret your ideas and bring them alive, within or above the limit of your budget within s specific time given. In no particular order find these very interesting ways of getting that bespoke event manager in this year 2020.


One essential virtue that an event manager and planner must possess is creativity. It is that single trait of an event manager that creates an aura of uniqueness in the face of an audience. Look out for creativity, whenever you are searching for the best fit manager for your events. It is certainly that character trait that will show the ability of that entity to be able to interpret your ideas and or dream and bring them to reality. Creativity is the real catalyst for creating an experience that the audiences are waiting to see or looking forward to having when they come for your event. That’s why experienced event managers do essential research before letting anything out of their kitty. They research to know your audience and what fits them.

How do you know managers with great creative acumen? lookout for their works ask questions and interview them. You will know a creative person when he associates your idea to the everyday people and the life they live. Using trends and realities to create a buzz.


Experience is a vital factor to look out for; it cannot be overemphasized. With experience, you are sure of getting value for your money and your mind will be at rest. Nowadays, a lot of newbies go around with 3-D animations and presentation to wow people. But are not able to salvage problems when it arises at the moment of truth. Don’t settle for 3-D presentations ask for real pictures belonging to them. Events managers with experience have been through thick and thin, they must have mastered the venue, the equipment, the market and strategies enough to give you and your audience that experience you are looking for. If approached by any manager that claims to have the experience, ask for worst moments and bad times at an event. If they claim they do not have, then they are not sincere about having the experience they claim they do.

Track the records

These days it’s easy to track records, with the advent of social media and the internet, you can trace records without reaching out to the events managers. Nowadays, employers of labour do some due diligence by looking up profiles of their would-be employees on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. Those records open a lot of truths and details that may be of immense importance to you. However, don’t rely completely on these visuals alone, you may go further by contacting one or two clients who have benefited from the services of the said event managers.

Call for proposals

This is a common method of choosing event managers and planners for an upcoming event. It is being used by several some organisation especially international organisation such as NGOs, local organising committees of local origin etc. It is a process that involves identifying several event managers of repute, known for executing events of a particular nature. They are called upon to submit an intention and proposed methodology of how they intend to execute the event. Most time the proposal may include the quantitative and qualitative properties of their intentions. In this situation, organisations already have predetermined qualities the event managers are expected to possess to qualify them as the preferred applicant.

As part of the process, the applicant may be called upon to defend their proposal before, the final decisions are taken.

Use influencers

Influencers and or celebrities are also a credible source of getting useful information for best-fit events managers. These guys are most of the times gracing events by way of being invited as celebrity guest or master compere. Consequently, they may be privy to the strength and weakness of those event managers you have in mind. In the course of their interactions, they may have probably encountered one or more experiences in those events they have attended. A few of them may be on-air personalities (OAPs)Television host, Nollywood actors, celebrity models and musicians etc.

However, their personal and emotional connections may not be lacking in these decisions, so, this is left to you to filter to get the best information you need.


Written by

Mfonaabsi Udoh Barry

Mfonaabsi Udoh Barry is a PR professional, communication and social media strategist. He works with DOXA DIGITAL NIG LTD

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