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The 2020 rule of events management

The 2020 rules of event management are simple but they are critical tips you need to consider before setting out to organising an event.  The following may just be the needed catalyst you need to plot out the right foundation for the best year you have ever had.


A five-letter word that distinguishes the eagle from all other birds even of equal size is focus. To focus is to keep the eyes on a given goal or object no matter the number of distractions that may arise. So it’s not just enough for your organisation to draw up beautiful and amiable goals and objectives, it is absolutely essential for them to draw up measures also that will compel them to keep the focus fixed.

Event planners or managers may need to re-focus in this year 2020, bearing in mind that what worked last year may not just be it this year. Re-focusing may mean to readjust the goals, objectives and ways of doing business to meet up with the winning strides. For instance, the world started with 1G technology but now are talking of 9G technology transformations. So business transactions are moving with the speed of light, beating boundaries and locations are no more barriers to making things happen. The secret of success in 2020 may just be focus, focus and keep focusing, till you cannot get the goal out of your sight.

Show uniqueness

Did you know that no two leopard have the same kind of spot pattern? Every one leopard is unique in nature. So also are identical twins, they may be very identical but each of them has unique characters. Strive for uniqueness, in all that you do in 2020. Your organisation will only stand out when people can identify it as different from others not by your logos and colours but by the way you do things.

One thing that “works like mad” is to be known for ONE THING and not everything. There is a saying that goes, stand for something or be known for everything. As top event managers, we have discovered that most of the offers we got came from the fact that we have very strong strength in the area of creativity. People will locate you for your strength even when you do not look your best.

Create experience at every contact

Your audience will always come back to you because of the pleasurable experience they had. The keyword for any event is experience. That is why as the best-experienced event enterprise in Abuja, we endeavour to create a pleasurable unforgettable picture in the minds of our client. We know that this is important because it is what will speak for us even when we are no physically present. Make it your goal in this year 2020 to always leave an indelible impression at every opportunity to serve your client.

To achieve this is to know your audience and their uniqueness, know what is important to them, know their way of life and specifically speaking their behaviours. This will help you to design what works and resonates with them.

Give back to humanity and the environment

In all our successes, achievement and failures the environment is amongst the biggest contributors and perhaps at the receiving end also. Today, climate change is a plague common to all humanity, because everyone is affected. The issues of climate change should, therefore, be the burden of everyone, hence we should do all we can to bring it to a bearable limit. Obey all environmental laws, follow safety procedures and do green.

There are many people out there who are depressed, rejected, dejected vulnerable, poor and needy in the environment where we operate. Posterity will look out for and reward those organisations and individuals who set aside little in order to help put smiles on the faces on the hopeless. It will go down in the records that in 2020 that hope was restored to certain lives because you indulged. Rightly.



Written by

Mfonabasi Udoh Barry


Mfonabasi Udoh Barry is a PR professional, a communications and social media strategist. He works with DOXA DIGITAL Nigeria

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