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Add value to your organizations this 1st Qtr, with this simple, Yet Powerful Events

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Few organisations tend to get their compass right while others struggle all the way through the first quarter of this New Year. Although they get back their rhythm afterwards valuable time would have been lost. DOXA DIGITAL would like to share with you out of her vast experiences, incredible events that put your organisation in good light as the years begin. Consider and decide to give the following factors a try.

Awards Event

Award giving events must not necessarily be at the end of the year, it could also be organized in the first quarter of the New Year. Loyal customers, clients, staff who have worked hard, salespersons with high performance and or output are recognized and appreciated by being rewarded with monetary gifts or others.

The impact of Awards giving events can never be overemphasized; its effect can be felt all year round or for many years to come. It’s a veritable tool for motivation and recognition of hard work either by staff, clients and salespersons. It is also a good way to foster relationship bonds between stakeholders involved in the day to day business transactions, maintain a good and healthy working environment where everyone is happy to be associated with the organisation. This event gives a boost to the organisation’s operations in the first quarter, at least for a good while before other contrary factors may set in.

Re-assurance event

Have you ever thought of an event that will buy back the confidence of your clients toward you especially in times of uncertainties? This kind of event can be organized to interact and engage with a certain public to send a special message to the public, audience or customers. This event may be essentially a good way to restate commitment or create an avenue to send signals of reassurances to the people asking them to remain with them in spite of all odds. It could respond to a certain environmental factor, market impacts and so on. This event will attempt to get the minds of the people to make her products and services their first choice all the time. This event will involve activities that will appeal to the emotions of the people, influence their minds and elicit a call to action.

Organisations can also take advantage of this kind of event when they notice a drop in their sales, or when they notice customers’ loyalty is tilting towards the other direction. Therefore it may be a good avenue to collect information and or reasons and tackle them by way of recommitment.

Corporate Social responsibility

According to online sources, the purpose for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just to give back to the society; it is to provide positive social value that extends beyond philanthropic giving to the future of generations.. It is about harping on the strength of the immediate environment to make it better for habitation.  Activities such as reducing Carbon dioxide footprints, improving Labour policies, charitable giving volunteering in the community are common practice in the giving of CSR. One event that is capable of giving a high value to your organisation. It renders a sense of belonging in the mind of the community; it helps them to place a value on your service and products, it fosters cordiality and most essentially trust.  Your origination should therefore have a strategic CSR plan, define your message and involve the customer, audience or the immediate environment.