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3 amazing secrets why events will never run out of date

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It’s a year now since Wuhan, a city in China announced the breakout of what is now a pandemic worldwide. Consequently, many thought that  Events would run out of date, but amazingly, these years 2020 and 2021 proved many wrong, through the introduction of a new vista in events planning, management and hosting. Although hybrid and virtual events have been in existence, it has never received the kind of patronage it has now.

DOXA DIGITAL will like to share below amazing secrets why events will never run of date

It is a product of human relationship and existence.

As long as humanity continues to exist and human interactions and relationships persist, events will never run out of date. A simple instance is your birthday, even if you decide not to make a party or any elaborate celebrations, it still remains a fundamental event in your life you may never take lightly. How about deaths and anniversaries: these are all memorable events that relate to the human relationship and existence, so as long as the human race continues to exist, events will never run out of date in the lives of humans and organisations.

Today, various associations and unions exist all around the world, as a result of a group of people coming together and bound by an idea, vision, mission and objective. They join efforts and resources to achieve a common aim. Consequently, activities emanate continuously culminating in various kinds of events.

It is a powerful channel to make voices heard and seen

As the earth rotates around its elliptical orbits, things do not remain the same, seasons’ transit from day to night, cold to heat, snow to autumn, springs to rainfall and etc. circumstance and situation continue to go In favour or against. People are pained and some other gain. In view of these, voices are raised, agitations emanate and people want to be heard.

Events are a powerful channel used by organisations and individuals to make themselves seen and heard. They use the avenue created by events to communicate their visions and missions to the relevant publics and or audiences. In many instances, it is a critical part of an established marketing process. Organisations and individuals will continue to explore ingenious ways of creating better events to keep the engagement between them and their publics.

It is a powerful marketing tool.

Events will never go into extinction because it has become a global marketing tool. As the need for brands to penetrate into the social circles and the privacy of an audience increases, events continue to become more and more relevant and endeared to marketers. It has broken the barriers of local and has leaped over into international boundaries, staging brands right from their cradle into the larger minds of the globe. A single event held on one side of the globe resonates with all other parts connected via thin layers of globalization. Locally, however, events still remain a social marketing tool.

Recall the days of Benson and Hedges, a tobacco company who were among those who innovated using events such as musical concerts and roadshows in Nigeria to hype awareness and sales of their special brand of cigarette. It gained a lot of grounds and a lot of people who were not smokers still engaged with the events.

 Wait  a minute

Although Events will never run out of date, the processes will. The ways of running things in events will never remain the same. For instance, hybrid events that are sought after now was never in vogue.  


Written by


Mfon Barry Udoh

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