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Critical reasons why you need to embrace virtual events this time

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  • Critical reasons why you need to embrace virtual events this time

In this week’s issue, let’s examine critical reasons why your organisation needs to embrace virtual events even more.

According to a recent World Bank report, the global economy is significantly slowing due to high inflation, higher interest rates, and decreased investment. It is forecast that growth will slow from 2.5% in 2022 to about 0.5 in 2023.

As a result, the way people converge, commute, and communicate is rapidly changing, and the general way of life is being adjusted to fit into the global economic realities faced by the majority of the world’s population. It is expected that it will have an impact on other areas, particularly the budget for in-person events.

However, in order for organisations not to lose touch with their audiences as a result of budget cuts that will invariably reduce the number of in-person events, we strongly advise them to use virtual events.

Enhanced Audience Engagement

Aside from the fact that it reduces real-time face-to-face contact between participants, it has proven to be a powerful tool for effective engagement. It is less expensive because it eliminates several cost heads, such as logistics, food, and other entertainment, which could have cost a significant amount of money.

Seamless data acquisition and management

More importantly, it aids in the seamless and efficient acquisition of data; this is because some virtual platforms include built-in data collection capabilities. It could further assist in analyzing and preserving the data if your organisation chooses to store the data with the providers.

Enhanced Audience Engagement

With virtual events, you can monitor and manage audience engagement by using simple tasks and other personalized functions provided by the platforms. Some virtual event platforms, for example, allow users to conduct polls to encourage participation. As a result, your company can use this as an engagement tool to monitor the audience’s pulse.

Time Management and Focused Outcomes

Virtual events aid in the efficient management of time and the elimination of incongruous items from the list of event programs. As a result, it enables a better focus on pertinent items that will improve outcomes and the achievement of set objectives.

Embracing Virtual Events for the Future

Finally, virtual events have proven to be the most appropriate option for the times we live in, implying that their occurrence could be more frequent to compensate for improved effectiveness. However, we strongly advise you to consult with experts who can help you choose a platform that will meet your specific requirements.

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