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Deciding on your next move Post COVID-19

Just Do It.


Perhaps the NIKE Company saw into the future when they conceptualized the payoff ‘Just Do It’ because when aligned with the fact that these times need drastic action, the byline becomes a catalyst.

Expectedly, to prevent extinction governments, organisations, enterprises and individuals have decided to live with the fate of the COVID-19 and have started devising ingenious ways to revamping their economies and likelihood in general. However, it is wise and expedient to consider the following factors below in order to be well prepared to wade through the daunting waters, which the times have presented.


The ability of a vessel to contain and retain a substance without causing any further threat is of great worth. It is what makes the vessel relevant and useful at that time; it is also what determines how much worth will be accorded to the vessel. It is time for your organisation to do an inner retrospect, to see and know the state of your preparedness for the new challenges. Life is no longer what it used to be, everything has changed, and so, the interaction, as well as the communication approach for your audience and environment, will have to differ distinctively. No doubt, in these times, your capacity will be stretched further.  However, you can only give what you have; hence capacity building is, therefore, a major criterion to meeting up with the demand of the times.

Capacity, when achieved, helps to build trust. Trust is an essential trait or virtue all business-minded entities must possess. People will trust you more when they discover you have the capacity to bear their risk. Leanness and scarcity of cash have made people especially investors think four times and not twice as it used to be before they put their money where their mouth is.

DOXA DIGITAL has got capacity and has waded through these times.


The surest way to go in these times is your network. 

As a child, the Spider-Man cartoon series was one of my favourites. In the series, the Spider-Man is a super being that uses his supernatural powers to fight evil in the society. But most interestingly, was how he moved, how his movement was facilitated with his web mechanism; he would spread it so wide and then progress on it to the next destination. As fast as he was, he could not go anywhere without his web. The web which he produced was his network and his defence.  In these interesting times, your network will be your surest and fastest way to regaining your stamina. As an organisation, individual or enterprise your network is your audience, your environment, your customers, even your competitors. It’s now time to develop and water a more robust relationship or else face extinction. 

As  the Top Events Manager  and an events enterprise we have the need network to make our clients seen and heard

Resources/ Skills

What have you got to offer? 

Although the pandemic ravaged many communities around the world, it did not eliminate the fact that the world is a marketplace where an exchange is fundamental; you must exchange one thing to get another. For instance, we exchange carbon dioxide to get Oxygen; people exchange goods for money and money for goods. 

As the tide becomes more severe and the competition for relevance becomes tighter you need to constantly ask yourself, what have I/we got to offer in exchange for what I am looking for as an organisation, individual and enterprise? Without being told, the exchange space is now becoming tight; you need to have what the people are looking for, for you to stay alive. Once you’ve discovered what they want and you are able to get it for them as when they need it, your existence and relevance become sure. 

in DOXA DIGITAL  our experience has afforded us an edge over and above others. We remain the best-experienced Events Management Enterprise

Just Do It.

Written by

Mfonabasi Udoh Barry

Mfonabasi Udoh Barry is a Media Consultant, an experienced Content Developer. He works with DOXA DIGITAL NIG LTD

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