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These things will make you stand out post COVID-19


The pandemic has left the world devastated, however not to the stage of being clueless because brands and organisations are regaining momentum in order to recapture lost grounds. Given, things are no more the same, so is the market, audience and or customers. See below valuable nuggets that may help your organisation re-fire in the new era.

Strive to Impact and not impress.

Cyberspace is the new battleground.

The cyberspace is filled with several millions of content competing for attention right now. Many of which are junks, especially from authors who just want to impress people with their content, whether it’s a video, graphics or photos. Consequently, they are short-lived in the minds of people. Have you also realized that when you are viewing any content on your phone or any other mobile device you scroll without any particular concern until you hit the one that makes sense?  So, just imagine the number of content this person has ignored by the same action of just scrolling.

However attention-grabbing may just be the first or initial step and not the final destination for anyone or brand that wants to impact.  Decide on what you want your audience to know you for, so they will always come to you when they need it.  This helps to build trust and confidence in the minds of your audience at every time. This happens over time of consistent and persistent interaction and engagement through bespoke content, over and across the right channels.

All you do must be striving to be unique

There are lots of copy cats out there trying to be like someone else and ending up being nobody. The sky is so wide that no two planes can collide in the air space while on transit.  Being unique is being your true self. Have you taken time to realize what unique features your products have, what makes it different from that of your competitors? Have you taken time to see how you could make it keep a particular promise?  Even if you are into spying on your competitors, it is to see what they are doing better than you. Therefore if you are copying, copy to be unique. However, you must note that it takes time to build a product, service and brand that keeps a promise.  The best time to start building is NOW.

What are you building on? You are building on the unique properties of what makes you, YOU, What will give people the confidence to trust you. Imagine building on a copied image, which is largely on pretence because you would have ended up building for another person.

Don’t try to buy trust but build trust.

A quote says “trust start truth and ends with the truth”

Trust is the single most important factor in any relationship. The truth about it is that you cannot buy trust by any means.  However, in the fantasy world, it is possible. It does not take long for anyone to show signs of trust in any relationship. The only way to get trusted is to give people the opportunity to know who you are and the stuff you are made of. Never make a mistake, your audiences is smarter than they were yesterday because they have gotten their hands burnt over several services and products they have fraternized with, so they know “What’s up”.  Give all you can to build trust, no matter how long it takes. It pays in the long run.

Written by

Mfoanabsi Udoh

Mfonabasi Udoh is a communication strategist, a content developer. He works DOXADIGOTAL.