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Experience Breakthrough in Your Events with Zinger Atmospheres (part 1)

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This is how it happens,

Whenever you enter a dark room how do you feel? or what would be the thoughts on your mind? Did you know that the thoughts on your mind will ultimately dictate your physical actions there and then? Why do you switch off the lights in your bedroom and perhaps leave only the bed lamps on when it’s bedtime?

The atmosphere at your event can be described as the sum total of the predominant mood or tone as well as the situation or the creative works employed in the event arena.

Atmospheres at events are one of the most crucial factors never to be overlooked. It is like a weather condition that determines several other factors either related or unrelated to it. Have you ever decided to enter the rain without an umbrella?  Well, the result is what you decided to have.

What makes it Zinger?

Zinger atmospheres must be deliberately created or simply put; purposefully crafted. All you intend to deliver to your audience has to be put in the atmosphere.  Your audiences and or guest are not machines that respond to programmes rather they are humans wired to feel, see, think and taste in some ways.  These are main ways by which they relate with their environment including your event.

Several points are to be taken seriously when approaching an event with a zinger atmosphere.

Have you taken the first step?

First thing first. Not until you have set an objective or a benchmark for the events, you have not taken the right first steps before others details follow. Your objective has to be realistic and measurable and not out of the blues. But the one from the real world, considering what is workable with the people. Set the right targets, so you don’t end up chasing shadows.

Who is your guest?

Any attempt to ignore the minutest details of your guest is a deliberate step towards planning to fail. A lot of times, event planners fill up the whole location with the details that have no affinity with the expected guest. Get all the information you need to get about your guest, they are the ones who will mark your exam scripts and score you. They are a major group to consider when determining the atmosphere for the event because the details from their study will help to form bits and pieces of the atmosphere.  Create a persona if you can, personas are a fictitious personality that carries a unique gene of the audience you are communicating with.

Have you chosen a sequence?

Event sequencing is a topic for another day, but let’s take a shallow dive into it.  Just as the atmosphere for an event is to be created deliberately, the activities that make up the whole event must also be deliberately crafted.  Executing the right activity at the right time during the event in order to achieve better engagement and better-staying power of the guest is what we can describe as an event sequence.  It is like a dating class, you should know when to ask the lady for her phone number etc. so you don’t blow up the chances of getting a date.

A winning event sequence is the one that will allow your guest to engage with you, network with others and enable you to achieve the objectives you had set out in the first place.

Am I ready to bear the risk?

Nothing good comes easy and cheap, zinger atmospheres doesn’t come easy either. Before you start off with activities for the zinger atmosphere, sit down and count the cost, measure the risk. Interestingly, in some cases, it may really not require so much money, but may really need much time and some tasking creative deep thinking. In whatever case, you must be ready to give it all it takes. Make up a team of creative minds who are willing to buy into the theme. You may also decide to outsource this particular area to a competent vendor, with good track records and experience. Ensure that the vendor is able to interpret the theme appropriately and elaborately.

This is why DOXA DIGITAL NIG is the most preferred event management enterprise.

Written by

Mfonabasi Udoh Barry

Mfonabasi Udoh Barry is a PR professional, communication and social media strategist. He works with DOXA DIGITAL NIG LTD

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