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Experts Tips: How to Be attractive to global brands as an event manager

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In this week’s issue, DOXA DIGITAL Nigeria will like to share with you a few tips that you need to consider if you want to attract the patronage of global brands in your event management journey. With almost three decades of partnering with major global brands, such as the United Nations (UN), European Union (EU), British, Council, ECOWAS, and CAF, DOXA DIGITAL Nigeria, has become a trustworthy partner for global brands in the event space in the country, especially in the nation’s capital, Abuja.

Lets get right into the details

Be known for something

One major mistake many event management company make is that they seem to be known for doing everything in the event space. In other words , their core strengths and competencies are not recognizable. One thing we can tell you with confidence is that global brands are looking for measurable results,. so they will go for a partner with recognizable strengths and competencies. DOXA DIGITAL was singled out for her vast experience and ability to handle international events.

Track record and experiences

If there is one thing global brands do not miss, it is their research and due diligence. They will single you out and beam the search light on you. They want to be able to track your records to know those other brands you have worked for or interacted with over the years. They might probably seek opinions on your performances and the types of events you have executed from your past clients without your knowledge. which is why sustaining relationships is key and greater than just making profit in times like this.

Technical ability

Globalization for event managers could mean being able to provide equivalent levels of technical solution to event management processes deployed for global brands, so they are able to engage with their audiences in the various locations in the globe. They will need to trust your technical depth before they make you their partner. Before your next opportunity, scale up your technical depth and improve on your ability to provide technical solutions in line with international standards,

Grow your asset

Another major factor that global brands look out for is your ability to manage risk. Global brands recognize that management is a very high-risk activity. Anything could happen, and if necessary measures are not in place, the damage could be collateral. One of the ways to grow your risk management capacity is to grow your network, with people and organizations with the requisite financial, technological, and political strengths, because you are not expected to have it all. Should there be a challenge, one or two members of your networks may be able to bear the risk while proper arrangements are made.

In conclusion, you too can be a global brand partner, if you gradually build your brand, by obeying the outlined tips. Although it may tale some time, but the opportunity will surely present itself.

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