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Holiday approaches in less than 50 days: see events that can fit the season

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As they say, time does not wait for anybody. 

When exactly did we wish everyone a happy new year, only to find ourselves in the midst of the year’s last quarter? Even though most organizations have found this year to be quite difficult, yours may still end the year in great style by utilizing these few event ideas.


Many uncertainties exist, but some organizations will have reason to rejoice since they were successful in meeting most, if not all, of their goals. Giving back to the community in this sense will be a worthy endeavour. This might be achieved by setting up fundraising activities, not for the organization, but rather for a disadvantaged section of society. A sincere search might be conducted by your organization in your neighbourhood or community to find helpful ideas.


Really, it doesn’t take much to express gratitude.  Your organization might begin making preparations in the upcoming days for an event to honour loyal employees, groups of people, or other individuals who have excelled throughout the year despite difficulties. This will go above and beyond to inspire them to do more and other people to imitate the kind deed. If there is no incentive for effort, organizations that overlook this may just be promoting sloth.


Many activities do happen in our organisations in the course of the year, some positive and some negative. However, what are the lessons learnt and how does one apply this to either grow the organisation or the person as well as prevent one from failing in the coming seasons? A retreat or an appraisal event could secure the needed results. In this event, the organisation and the individual carry out an inward review of how they performed in the year under review. 

They must be reflections of the goals they had set from the beginning of the business year.  After which appropriate measures are taken in line with the results they discovered to the interest of the individual or the organisation.

Customer Appreciation

If the customer is king, then he or she must be worshipped.   The organisation at certain times must set out to appreciate their internal customers (members of staff) or external customers. It is a necessary move to escalate their confidence in the organisation and also motivate them. It is also a call to do more and to show that the organisation cares, after all.

At this event, loyalty gifts should be presented, in cash or in kind.  Additionally, it may be an occasion to give them a loyalty batch or plaque or to include them in a documentary for the company’s social media pages or channels. They could also be given a certain status by being designated as ambassadors for the group or its products

In conclusion, any event you choose to carry out should work to improve your organisation and make your team the best they can be.

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