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The unforgettable scenes of Kadinvest 7.0 made possible by DOXA DIGITAL

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  • The unforgettable scenes of Kadinvest 7.0 made possible by DOXA DIGITAL

14 days have passed, and the echoes of DOXA’s digital handiwork from the 7th edition of the Kaduna Investment 7.0 still fill the air.  Many who attended can still recount with fine humour the welcoming, cordial, and comfortable environment created by the ever-experienced team from DOXA DIGITAL Nigeria.

Although it is familiar terrain, because we were privileged to have executed about four editions of Kadinvest (1.0, 3.0, 4.0, and 7.0); we did not allow that feat to becloud our sense of creativity, because we had to exceed all expectations. So, we officially took to the ground to outrun the previous records that had been set and to give it the best that we had to offer.

Although we were in charge of many summit-related aspects, we concentrated particularly on three key areas due to the significant influence they could have on the summit’s outcome. These were the audiovisuals, the multimedia, the venue branding, and the aesthetics.  We understood vividly that the success of every other part of the summit depends on these three areas.

Audiovisuals and/or multimedia are sometimes underestimated by many without understanding that they hold the power to determine the success of events. It is one important angle you don’t want to toil with at your event. For us and Kadinvest 7.0, we knew it was a point of meeting for the Summit conveners and investors. It was also an avenue through which the summit conveners showcased their offerings to investors in the event in video or picture format. Considering these imperatives, we had to scale up our multimedia productions for the summit, ensuring that we provided multimedia services compatible with the latest multimedia devices and trends; making it seamless and easy for people in other parts of the world to connect easily.

You will agree with me that the audio quality of an event of this magnitude must be of the highest quality; crisp, clear, and audible. With our state-of-the-art sound processors and gears, we drove the sound to the optimum capacity suitable for the summit. It provided even sound to all places where it was needed.  It facilitated proper guests’ engagement with the proceedings of the summit.

Our branding services at the summit were unmatched: the designs and the implementation were creative and flawless. We created visuals that captured the essence of the summit, we ensured that colours, images, fonts, photos, and other elements showcased and narrated the story of the day. Lightings were adequately mixed and strategically installed to expose summit themes, purpose, sincerity, business, and innovations.

Aesthetically, it was a wow! We were extremely attentive to visually create the appropriate ambience and to interpret the appropriate conditions for the visitor to read the appropriate mood. It was important for us because Kadinvest 7.0 was a serious business and official event; it was a corporate meeting and was meant to set the right kind of atmosphere for networking, business-to-business (B2B) meetings, and other business-like functions. From our experience, we have discovered that many event managers miss it completely at this point. They create aesthetics that make guests interpret events wrongly.  For instance, they misplace aesthetics meant for weddings and parties for corporate and official events, and so on.

In conclusion, our professionalism and decades of experience were once again brought to the fore, earning us more accolades, good comments, and, of course, high recommendations from the Kadinvest 7.0 organisers.

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