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How We Turned Our Wounds Into Wisdom

In 2017, statistics published by SBA, Small Business Administration showed that about one-fifth of business startups fail in the first year and about half of all employers’ establishments fail amid the first five years. This theory was completely ousted by DOXA DIGITAL when it all began. For almost two decades, DOXA DIGITAL have gone through the thick and the thin, wilder all kinds of storms and have broken barriers to become an indomitable force to reckon with in the events planning and management industry in Nigeria. Read through the following and discover why we remain top event managers in Abuja and Nigeria as a whole.



According to an online source, the only source of knowledge is experience, Experience they say cannot be bought with money; you must work to earn it. For over 18 years of event management and servicing and still counting, Doxa Digital remains one of the most outstanding and experienced in the events management industry especially in Abuja. No doubts lots of other events companies have sprung up trying to match up, yet our record remains unbeaten. Those who know the worth trust that we’ll deliver with world-class concept, providing their guest with unforgettable experience any time any day; a memory that definitely outlives the events. Ranging from event management/ planning, staging, lightings, sound production and amplification, decorations, conferencing and printing we have made a mark.

Some of the most prestigious events that have happened in Abuja and in Nigeria as a whole were powered by DOXA DIGITAL. They include the World Economic Summit, Star Mega Jam festival; the KORA Music Awards in Abuja, Thisday Music Jam Abuja, the MTV Music Awards, The Celtel Awards, the Forever Living Awards, Abuja at 30 and lately the United Nations (UNDP)Lake Chad Basin Governors Forum, the European Union Support for Electoral Governance in Nigeria Conference Cand many more. These were the international event, hosting world-renowned stars like Rihanna, Jay-Z and many more. The organizers knew that DOXA DIGITAL was and is still strategically positioned to deliver world-class service that’s why we were favoured to power those events.

State of the Art equipment

Powering these events without any form of crisis, disappointments or failure whatsoever in any of the processes of organizing the event, further gave a boost to the trust and the goodwill bestowed on us by our clients. This feat would not have been possible if we did not invest in very sophisticated state of the art sound equipment (one of the best in the world) as well as lighting, staging and multimedia equipment (mega screens for indoor and outdoor) all that’s needed to provide an experience and value for money. Furthermore, in order to be at speed with trends in entertainment and events management generally soon we will be taking delivery of world-class staging, multimedia (mega screens) and sound equipment from Germany, Italy and China.


Diversified (The unbeaten record)

DOXA DIGITAL has a record of being one event management organisation with a mega print arm (press) that helps to take care of conference materials, souvenirs etc.  Many, who embraced this opportunity, discovered a drastic cut in their cost of organizing their event. Diversifying into printing, was the boost needed to secure the future as well as sustain the strength to remain unbeatable and simply the best in the field of creating experience and branding for events. We always wanted to be a One-Stop shop for businesses who want to be heard, seen and known for a unique proposition.

We have successfully delivered over 40 million copies of diverse printed materials of very high quality for the past 5 years. These materials, range from top magazines, annual reports, brochures, company profiles, calendars, diaries, branded materials, file folders, books, security and electoral materials and many more.

Technical and manpower capacity

One of the greatest opportunities that our experience has afforded us is the building of our technical capacity. No doubts quality technical capacity may be scare in the events industry especially in Abuja but you can be assured of getting the best with DOXA DIGITAL. We have invested in the capacity building of our manpower resources recognizing its strategic importance One of best mega screen technician in the country, who graduated as the best from a China training institute. Our sound engineers are top notch, our power and electrical technicians are of good repute and well experienced in the field.

Today, with other licenses to our favour, DOXA DIGITAL stands unbeatable, unstoppable and diversified, still trailing the blaze, in the events industry in Abuja, as well as Nigeria. No matter, the size of the events, we have got the right resource (technical and human) to make it happen and create the right experience that will outlive any events.

Written by

Mfonabasi Barry Udoh

Mfonabasi Barry Udoh is a PR professional, a communications and social media strategist. He works with DOXA DIGITAL Nigeria