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Touring Technical Production in an Event

As experienced event managers, we have discovered that the technical aspect of any event is always critical to its success. Many other processes that keep the event going are anchored on this particular aspect. The technical production in an event may include lighting, sound/audio, multimedia / mega screen, staging and stage design, power and installation, videography and photography and rigging.

Many event managers and or organizers often disregard the details and consequently run into setbacks. Most times there are cover-ups by event managers who most times circumvent the process just to clear up the mess. The result is that some aspects of set objectives will go into limbo.

Find here what you need to know about the technical aspect of an event,

Understanding the process

A very important variable in the technical production of any event is the process. According, to an online source, the process is defined as a series of steps or actions taken in order to achieve an end. Every event is unique so also is the process. Never try to the same process for all events, most especially, if you are result oriented.

According to Ronald, D, Snee PhD, understanding process is therefore considered to be when all critical sources of variables involved are identified and explained. Variable, in this case, could mean inputs and all related to it. it could be equipment, technical knowledge etc. Every single variable must be understood in order to control its inputs and outputs.  In order for this not to sound very abstract let us consider a simple process involved in organizing a birthday party. First of all, consider this as a project of a sort. In addition to this, design or set out an objective for the birthday party, choose your guest, choose your venue. Then determine all other factors like the menu for the meals, determine the entertainment persona, DJ or full music band. As simple as this sound they are all a process involving variables such as the venue, the meal, your guest, that may probably act as inputs which will eventually determine a certain output.

What this means is that if you understand the process vividly you can easily determine the output. So the importance of understanding the process is to make the event manager and/or the organizer create a clear picture of the future increase efficiency and effective cost. It makes it easy to apply control measures to any variable at any point. In other words, checks and balances are easily allocated to any troubled spots without altering the system. Troubleshooting also becomes easy to carry out.

As an experienced event a manager, DOXA DIGITAL does not equate one event to another, therefore, a clear event process are uniquely defined for different events. With this, we are able to achieve any set objectives with a designed process that delivers optimally with no or less crisis. For every event, our process design covers the following areas, event sequencing, Power, Lighting, Sound and audio, Mega screen and multimedia, Simultaneous interpretation system (SIS) and conference registration and rigging.

Break the process into smaller units

Understanding the process is not enough in the successful delivering of the technical production of an event. Technical production in an event can sometimes be very complicated if not handled professionally.  Therefore It is very expedient to break the process into small units. This move enables the process to be closely monitored. It also makes the process of production more visible and easy to control or manoeuvre.  For instance, if one of the processes involves lighting of the venue or the stage, go ahead to break this process into two or more phase, the installation phase or mounting phase, the power phase and then the control phase (in no particular order). Sometimes it may involve the addition of one or more staff, all the same, it is worth it.  Breaking the process into smaller units enables room for specialization. In order words, your team will be enriched with core technical person with adequate competence and know-how. Enrich your team,  reduce cost in the long run. You may incur a high cost for using technicians that are incompetent because of the damage that may happen to the process or equipment. This brings us to the next point.

Technical Competence

An online dictionary resource defines competence as the ability to something accurately or efficiently, there are two basic types of competence, general competence and technical competence. For us to understand the real point of our discussion which is technical competence, let us dive shallow into general competence.

According to HRSG, general competence is described as the combinations of abilities, motivations and trait required to perform in a wide range of jobs within the organisation. In other words, this is a clear trait that any employable candidate must have to be able to gain employment in certain organisations. These may include interpersonal communication skill, honesty, integrity, social responsibility.

According to same, while technical competence can be described as the application of knowledge and a set of skills needed to perform effectively in a specific job or group jobs within an organisation. For instance, the skill needed to operate a light controller or to install a dimmer rack or the skill need to operate an audio mixer for sound production.

DOXA DIGITAL with almost two decades of experience does not treat technical competences with a pinch of salt.  What keeps us as a top event management is the fact that we work with a team of competent technicians, engineers, riggers etc. We know that the more competent our team is the more our client trusts us.


The technical production of an event can be boring because of carrying out the same process again and again for various events. The only antidote to this boredom is to be creative at all times. Furthermore, every single event must be treated uniquely, as such; the variable for the processes should be subjected to some creativity hurdles. What this means is that those process variable that is creatively involved should so be in other to bring a change without altering the process whatsoever. We have discovered the clients will never leave your back if they know that you will always serve them fresh meals each time you are commissioned. Keep your creativity line open at all times. It is true, that humans sometimes resist change but the only change they can’t resist is the change of creativity. Creativity in technical production is needed to spice up the outcome. For us in DOXA DIGITAL variety is the spice of life.

We’ve got the wheels.


Written by

Mfon Barry Udoh

Mfon Barry Udoh is a PR professional, a social media and communications strategist. He works with DOXA DIGITAL NIG LTD