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How your organisation can make the best out of its prints according to DOXA DIGITAL PRINTS

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Making the best out of your printings simply refers to all the efforts your organisation should put into delivering your brand’s identity into the minds of your audience through the hallway of the printing process.

Undoubtedly, the target of all printings is to derive a positive response from the person seeing the different impressions on paper or other materials. This is because the mind reads through the eyes and then the brain adds up the calculations and sieves out what appeals to it. Therefore, printings take the centre stage for all those who want to make their brands dwell in the minds of their audience.

At what point does actual printing commence

Printing commences at the point of setting objectives for all printings that must hit the press. Organisations should, therefore, set up some sort of a tag team made up people with good creative acumen to drive this course. They should determine amongst others, the image they want the audience to see, know and feel, at all times. Furthermore, colours that depict the interest of the organisations that may be probably interpreted by the audience.  This is to create a connecting point between your organisation and the audience. Although this could take some times of consistent researches, it is worth investing.

Initiating and interpreting designs

This is a critical part in the hallway of printing all organisations should take seriously. Designs are simply a figure on paper or any other material what the mind has already received and conceived. Precisely, it is not just what we see on paper, it is what has been consistently seen in the inward. At this point, organisations should pay attention to some factors. The objectives of organisations printings as said earlier, the realities of time, the audiences and then budget. Like phototropism, the audience reacts to what shows affinity with them, no matter how long it takes, as long as they are being fed consistently by the same pictures. The realities of the times of printings are also worth knowing, which should also reflect in the printings directly or indirectly. This is to foster acceptance, or else that effort will be tagged old school. This is permissible if and only if the objective of the printing is to depict the old school itself.

Your audiences will also determine the nature of your printing. For instance, if you wish to capture the attention of children who are your audience, won’t you rather put your designs into comic nature, with corresponding cartoon characters and colours. This is no rocket science, it is the same techniques that work for all other audience segments.

Choosing your Printer or Printing Agency

This is the beginning of the other half in the hallway of printing. It also goes a long way of determining the final emergence of all said and done, in terms of quality security, cost and or budget, time of delivery and rapid response to changes and edits. Choosing the best agency to bring out the best of what you have, must be devoid of sentiments and parochial interest.

Organisations often miss it at this point, because of the above. However, to prevent this from happening, the organisation must determine to get quality for the best cost available with the time of delivery, security and flexibility. How about risk-bearing and legal implications if it arises? Choose vendors and agents that will be able to interpret or amplify your thoughts and design with little or no supervisions, organisations who are not willing to share your privacy settings with other clients. The secret of delivering the final copy is the hands of your printers choose wisely.

One more thing, take a tour of the facility of your printer or agent Look out for their strengths and weakness, machines, technical tact, organisation, overall environmental friendliness. Let their locations and their layout speak to your decisions etc. Ask pertinent questions and find common grounds.


Written by

Mfon Udoh Barry

Mfon Udoh Barry is a PR professional, a communications and social media strategist. He works with DOXA DIGITAL Nigeria

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