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3 Events Your Organization Should Think About Now

In the face of globalization, the world cannot deny, no organization can exist in isolation no matter its nature, size or structure. To make impact or profit as the case may be, its doors have to be opened to some sort of mutually beneficial interaction and communication with its external environment. However, events are a sure way to achieving many objectives, amongst some infamous ones are selling your organization’s brand, identifying your targeted audiences, endearing your audiences to behave in a certain manner towards a campaign, etc. Workshops, seminars, conferences, dinner or breakfast meetings, and TED talks are the major events your organizations could take advantage of in meeting up a designed aim.

Find below, 3 categories of events your organization should consider now or in the nearest future.

Category one

The events in this category are events that seek to educate and enlighten people on what you represent, your value and your brand, this is what makes you different from the rest. No matter the quality of service or product you expose to people out there, your identity makes a huge meaning. When people are unable to associate a winning brand to the right face, that organization may just be losing great resources and may be at risk of misplaced identity. People will be in doubt of who to place the right affection on. With this kind of events, your organization stands a maxi chance of stamping your identity on the minds of your audience thereby winning their empathy, establishing the promise you make through your brand becomes an easy ride. The information available to the outside world is what you are. So, own your world by creating the narrative of what the people need to know about you.

Category two

The events under this category should be the one that will take care of your product and service campaigns. Campaign means different thing to different organizations. However, product or services activations, product launch, ground-breaking ceremonies, roadshows, TED talks are a few examples worth looking at. With these events, you are seeking to create an impact through one of your products or services. Furthermore, you are seeking to make your audience behave in a specific way towards that product or service. It is also worthy to note that campaigns are time-bound and you should be careful in choosing the exact type of events that will help to drive home the objectives within the time set.

Non-governmental organizations who seek to change the behavioural patterns of a specific kind of people in a set geographical area can use events in this category to drive home their points. Although for them, communication tools could be allocated differently but objective could be the same.

Category three

The third category specifically looks at an event that helps to manage your organisation’s Public Relations (PR), redeem or buy back your image, realign public perception to favour them, re-market a de-marketed image etc.

No doubts many organisations are struggling to get back into the good books of their once called loyal audiences. Well, it is not too late to start working at getting back what belongs to them. Although it could take quite a tough time, it is still possible to regain lost ground; with sincerity, determination, and consistency it is a work done.

Events in this category must be targeted to the audiences concerned and must be well crafted to prevent another round of resentment.

Written by

Mfon Barry

Mfon Barry is a PR professional, communications and social media strategist. He works with DOXA DIGITAL Nigeria