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Simple Ways on How to Boost Attendee Experience: Strategies for Attendee Engagement

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  • Simple Ways on How to Boost Attendee Experience: Strategies for Attendee Engagement

So, today you will be learning from the experts on some interesting ways of “maximizing the attendee experience“by focusing on simple ways by which your physically invited guest could be engaged at the event.

It is important to note that it takes a lot of guts to gather people together, so you score a good point for that; however, it is also not enough to just gather them and then throw all sorts of things in their faces without considering the achievement of your goal.

One of the major advantages of an in-person event is that attendees have the exceptional chance to meet like-minded people, get knowledge from business experts, and feel a sense of community that cannot be replicated in virtual environments. However, for a far-reaching achievement, they must be engaged effectively.

For an effective engagement strategy, it is pertinent to split engagement activities into three categories; the pre-event, during events, and post events engagement strategies. These categories determine the specific kind of activity that people will engage in.

Pre-event engagement strategy

The strategy for this level entails activities that are deployed before the actual event. They may include creating a buzz around the event on platforms where your intended guests are natives. Specifically, this could be on social media platforms, such as Facebook communities, WhatsApp channels, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Not forgetting the use of email marketing efforts to reach thousands of your audiences. But this could only happen if you have a mailing list or if you have created an email marketing platform, otherwise, you may contact DOXA DIGITAL Nigeria for more details.

During-event Strategy

Then comes the actual day of the event, a.k.a. the moment of truth; during this time, engage the guest by deploying activities that will create a sense of gratification or a sense of belonging to them, treat them as if without them the event will not hold, an average person wants to be treated well. By doing this, you are creating an experience for them.

Provide them with opportunities to share their personal experiences for others to learn from, and create a time for networking, especially business-to-business, and person-to-person. Ultimately, all elements have to be very interactive, using elements that have a close affinity with the kind of audience you’re hosting.

Post-event strategy

Any activity executed after the actual event is a post-event engagement, hence its peculiarity.  The strategy that can be deployed here may include following up with attendees to thank them for their participation in the event. Don’t be surprised that some attendees may just be waiting for that step to firm up their convictions about your brand.

More so, it could include, but is not limited to, sharing event takeaways and other vital information through social media platforms and email marketing platforms, as earlier mentioned.

Finally, in the level’s strategy, providing an opportunity for the attendees to give feedback, make comments, and share experiences is very vital for the event organizer. The results could help with better planning, improving the brand’s image, etc.

Call to action

For your next organization’s event, ensure that you prioritize attendee engagement to achieve success.

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