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The Secrets of Our Success as Top Events Manager

Not many people can expose the secrets of what makes them successful and who they are, especially in the events industry that we are. But for us in DOXA DIGITAL we are bridge builders, while others would rather hide their secrets, we would share ours for others to learn and avoid those bubby traps along the way to being top event managers.

So, find below about 5 secrets responsible for making us the Top Events Manager in Abuja and beyond


Have you seen our scorecard? powering over 100,000 events, in about 800 destinations all over Nigeria, Liberia and Ghana. We have waded through many waters, troubled and calm, crossed many bridges, gone through the thick and thins. Consequently, it has made us develop ingenious ways of troubleshooting and solving event crisis, creating cutting edge events sequences that deliver total event solutions to all our clients. Experience is not gathered elsewhere unless going through it in reality. Upcoming event managers must not joke with any opportunity to manage or provide any services for any event. It is an experience worth gaining, it builds your confidence quotient and increases the ability to manage crisis whenever it arises. The secret in this is that it will help you to form a template over time for any type of event. You will become a master to all events because there is actually nothing new under the sun. Your responsibility now will be to present your ideas in more innovative ways.


Everything in life is not all about money, more especially in the business world. Do you know that Goodwill may fetch you money but money may not get you goodwill?  Goodwill in business is a valuable asset every business entity should have.  Many clients may not remember you for the less money you charge them or for the discount you gave, but many may remember you for your goodwill.

The secret is that goodwill appeals a lot on the emotions of people than money. It will keep events coming, no matter how small it is. The quickest way to getting goodwill is to be ready at all times to go above the normal. It entails going an extra mile to providing all deliverables, being prepared to bend all backwards to meet up with client’s request even at odd times.   As you endeavour in your quest to becoming sought-after in the events industry, strive also for goodwill.

Investing in Human Capital

This is rather an unusual factor many event managers never believe in. It is our true confession here that the major secret to our huge success in the event industry is in investing in human capital development. We dedicate some chunk of our resources to training our team both in house and Ad hoc. This is because we believe that institutions are built by human and not machines, ideas are brought to reality by people and not machines. Interestingly we are not scared of the fact that these ones could leave the organization one day, but one thing that makes us confident is that we have our signature all around. Consequently, today in Abuja, most of the event companies are owned by one or two of guys we have trained or that have been with us in DOXA DIGITAL. This makes us proud and fulfilled. The secret of investing in people is that you are creating a greater tomorrow for firstly yourself and then for the generation next. Secondly, providence will reward you for the great work of contributing to people power.

Motivation and Teamwork 

Motivation is not always about giving out money to beneficiaries, to DOXA DIGITAL it is about creating a favourable working atmosphere for your employees to work in. It could be just empathizing with one person at the time of need, helping your employees realize their potentials, rewarding excellence and hard work and many more. Motivation is key in the event industry. When employees work with a divided heart, it will result in shabby workflows and there will be the absence of teamwork. As leading event managers, motivation is our secret to sustaining teamwork which yields better idea implementation and solutions delivery. However, we do our best to train the minds of our employees to make them understand that without teamwork there will be no need to move our team to any location because it will amount to disgrace. We take our cue from the ant’s kingdom. Nothing is too heavy for a group of ants to move. A crumb of bread may not be too heavy for one ant to carry, but they recognize the power of teamwork, so they immediately mobilize each other and in a matter of minutes, the crumb of bread is moved their desired destination.

Flexibility and Budget sensitive

Anything cast on stone cannot bond with the reality of times, so will make the stakeholder miss out from the real deal. As top event manager in Abuja, we decided to develop a policy of flexibility to our clients either from the budget angle or technically. We make sure the heartbeat of our client is felt and we understand the financial standing at that moment. Everything is not about money; hence we crave for relationship first before placing any monetary value. The secret of our success also lies in keeping a relationship first before the money. This helps to keep us at top priority flight all the time the minds of people. Many, especially in the industry always refer to us as being very expensive, because of our clientele levels. But they are unaware that we service some of these clients on very low budget bases because of the relationship we have kept over the years. Some are on pro-bono while some are on support bases. The secret is that keep relationship as first and then put money second.


Written by

Mfonabasi Udoh Barry

Mfonabasi is a PR professional, s communications and social media strategist. He works with DOXA DIGITAL

Contact: mfon.ud@doxa