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The 3 Most Important Things in Your Event

Many events have become bland and or fruitless because the most important vibes were missing or ignorance did play a fast one. Events all around the world are hinged on many factors; however, the most important factors are to be isolated and prioritized. These are a must do or else the right objectives will not be derived. More so, these factors form the wheels on which the events are driven to their destination.  Find hereafter the most important things you must consider in your event.

  1. The Audience

When planning events for your organization, do you really consider your audience as important as the life of that event? In events, the audience or call it guest, is a goldmine. Every brand, no matter its nature, has a determined amount of followers or audience that has decided to stay in loyalty behind such brand. But this does not stop the brand from going for prospective audiences. Interestingly, brands are so-called by the loyalty they enjoy from a particular audience. What this means is that no product or service will become a brand without the endorsement of an audience.  This exposes the fact that the audience has a voice that must be taken seriously.  A mantra goes thus, ‘the customer is king’, which also depicts that the customer dictates the tune. If this is the case, most decisions in an organization must put into consideration all conditions that will make the audiences happy.

However, the case is no difference in your event, as that event may never be successful without the audience.

  1. The Audience

In events marketing, practitioners have discovered that amongst other items, the audiences is the must watch.  Without putting aside traditional forms of marketing, modern marketing procedures now places greater priority on the audience, market or customer. Brands are now allocating the bulk of their resources (both cash and non-cash) to discovering the other sides of their audiences. Focus used to be placed on audiences demographics only.

Today, audiences’ psychographics are top on marketing research agendas, brands are digging deep into how, when, why and what their audiences are thinking, watching, listening to per time. They are constantly finding out what makes audiences behave the way they do towards a brand or even towards a competitor’s brand. All these are an attempt to capture the totality of the audience. Therefore you should begin to think the same just before you organize that event.

  1. The audience

The venue could be fantastic and glamorous, with  state of the art facilities, the influencers or celebrities could be the best that the world can offer, the ambiance and the lighting effects are second to none and so on, and then there are no audiences to give meaning to these items, Would you say that the events have met its objectives?

For instance, a music concert was organized and then A-List music artists were invited. Huge resources had gone into getting the venue somewhere in Abuja, the technical aspect was ready, the stage, lighting, sound, mega screens, etc. And then on the day of the concert about 20% of the audience just showed up.  Something happened! one of the artists that were invited with full compliments already paid decided not to go on stage because for him, it was a waste of time and energy performing for a tiny audience that would make no difference from performing to an empty crowd. At the end of the day, it was a huge loss.

This is how far your audience can go in making things happen for you. Event planners often neglect them and concentrate on other less important items.

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written by

Udoh Mfonabasi Barry

Mfonabasi Barry is a PR professional, communications and social media strategist.

He works with DOXA DIGITAL