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We became the Top event managing Event Company not by making money

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Who does not want to make money? There is a common saying that the main reason for doing business is to make money. Well, this may not be completely true, especially for us in DOXA Digital Nigeria. This is because money alone is not the secret to business growth. Wise businesses do not put money first, they create relationships, goodwill etc.

Event management goes entirely beyond just making money; organisations or event managers, who want to remain relevant in these contemporary times, must seek out creative ways of relating with their networks; they must build and sustain relationships that will keep their brands top on the minds of their networks.

Building trust

According to Stephen Covey, an American businessman and the author of the book titled ‘The ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” in his words, “trust is the glue of life.” It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication; it’s the foundational principle that holds every relationship”

Trust is one virtue that every business and organisation must have. No one will ever put their hearts into the hands of any business manager who cannot be trusted. It is an asset that money cannot buy; building trust entails consistency in delivering the best solutions at any time of contact. Trust can be described as the essence of life and a basis of relationships. It is through trust and possibly goodwill that you maintain the relationship that keeps you grinning from ear to ear.

Building an educated or an informed audience

The world is now all about networking; businesses must be strategic and understand that building their networks and audiences will never happen by taking from their followers or audiences, but rather by giving out or giving up something valuable for the sake of gaining. 

In some ways, giving back appeals to the emotions of audiences. In this case, event organisers can initiate events on the basis of creating awareness about and/or educating about issues that are very apt to a particular community or society as a whole. It could be about preaching peaceful coexistence amongst a people or creating awareness about healthy living. It could also be to cause a behavioural change or influence the conscience of the people. This singular act goes into posterity records and is capable of keeping your name ringing in the minds of the people.

Attracting opportunities and sustaining Mileage

Opportunities are always wrapped up in unpredictable packages, the location of which is rarely known. So you are doing yourself a lot of good by creating an avenue that will bring these packages to you. Most times, these are never brought to you through cash, but by providing opportunities that will impact the lives of people. This can be done by consciously targeting people that matter in the network and reaching out to them through carefully selected programmes.

Mileage, in this context, is all about the extent of profits or benefits, not necessarily in terms of money. It is activated any time you are able to impact your network positively it leaves your names permanently in the minds of your network. They will definitely call on you when there is a need for real business. Sometimes opportunities are created through the inputs we put into our immediate environment, especially for event managers.

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