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3 and a half mistakes you should avoid in your event

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You may have been progressing in error unconsciously committing these mistakes, that have perhaps inhibited real progress of your event goals.

Follow us keenly and discover the way out

Our over 2 decades of experience have allowed us to deal with ugly circumstances that evolved in the events we have accomplished.

Let’s get started.

Misinterpreting your goal

Don’t ever joke with the golden step of setting out a realizable goal for any event project no matter the size.

Notwithstanding, it is not enough to mark out a goal and then go to sleep, expecting that all plans will automatically fall into place and be understood by all parties that are involved in the project. You must follow up on everybody involved, corporate or individual to make sure that they understand the goal. One way to achieve this is to fashion out a way by which they can relay back to you what they are expected to deliver on.  You may also organize a scripting conference and or a presentation forum via a face-to-face meeting or face to a virtual meeting.

Targeting the wrong audiences

In events management projects and or design, audiences, guest, markets and prospects are some of the most critical factors to consider before any decisions are made.  They determine every other decision to be made in favour of the projects. Experience has thought us that targeting the wrong people can cause frustration and absolute waste of scarce resources.

To avoid this mistake, identify your audience by finding those group of people who are receptive to your offerings, based on your mission, vision and goals. You can get an expert’s services to help you identify them if you do not have anyone.

Don’t just stop at identifying your audiences, you must also know them. In other words, you should go the extra mile to know who they are, what they like, how they behave and where they hang out etc.

Copying your competitors

Businesses are no farther apart than they used to be in the past centuries, it’s a global village now. It takes only a click away to communicate and share ideas. This makes spying on your competitors a common way to see what they are up to. However, copying your competitor is what you must not do.

Although this factor seems controversial, however, from our experiences we have discovered that copying a competitor is absolutely the “wrongest” way to preserve and showcase an identity. It simply means you are denying yourself, brand and strength, while you are subtly expanding the strength of your competitor.

The information you allow in the market space is essential to creating a favourable picture in the minds of your audiences. What they perceive is what they will interpret.

Now to our bonus point

Never walk alone

Globalization is a system that encourages organizations to concentrate on their core competencies and be able to manage resources effectively while saving cost for targeting high returns.  Opportunities such as this make organizations tap into the competencies of others anywhere in the world at a cost. Partnerships are formed by these ventures, making organizations form formidable collaborations that enhance the maximum attainment of individual goals.

Lately, an online source revealed that California tech giant, Apple, plans to develop a micro-OLED display on their latest augmented reality device.

They are partnering with their long-time chip supplier TSMC (a Taiwanese chip-making giant and the sole supplier of iPhones processors) to achieve this.

For your next event, look out for that partner with what it takes to deliver on a promise while concentrating on your core competence.

Never walk alone!


Written By

Mfonabasi Udoh Barry