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The Top 3 Things You Never knew Events Won’t Deliver

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It is true that the effective use of events or the impactful means of event management goes a long way to bringing multifarious impact to an organisation, especially in improving its return on investments (ROI), visibility and interest. However, many organisations have put their eggs into one basket, discerning wrongly that events will deliver on all sides. This ultimately conveys the wrong use of events producing undesirable results and perhaps wasting scarce resources.

Let us examine the three top things events may never deliver to you.

Events may not deliver instant results

If you are looking for instant results, events may never deliver this to you. However, the consistent use of events marketing efforts and management in collaboration with other marketing tools will deliver desirable results.

 Organisations should therefore constantly measure performance and appraise their efforts after each event to see where their weaknesses are and where they ought to put their more strength.

In a blog article posted by Vinay Koshy on, building influence was one of the enumerated factors that help in successful marketing campaigns. It was stressed that building a strong influence helps to position an organization as a strong positive image in the minds of their audiences.

Events may never tell you your true audiences

Although your events may attract like minds, it may not give you a true picture of who they are. Events offer significant results when your audiences are already known and you are seeking an avenue of closer control by bringing them for a face to face contact.

So, your organization has the option of using research methods as veritable tools to get major intelligence about who your audiences are. You may conduct surveys, monitor audiences’ feedback, comments and engagement for a clearer sneak peek.

One of the secrets of getting to know who your audiences are is to think about benefits and not features. By doing so, you can easily categorize people who follow you because of what they will benefit from those who are mere admirers of the features of your brand.

Event is not the only way to make your organisation seen and heard

While events are a very good tool for visibility, it is not advisable to use it as a sole channel for the purpose of making your brand seen and heard; especially when looking for a convincing win.  Although it may help to impact your networking efforts, it may not contribute significantly to your online presence.

An online presence is a ‘sine qua non’ for every organisation that wishes to be recognized on the World Wide Web space as ready for business.  No doubt the COVID-19 pandemic may have caused an upsurge of online businesses, but may not be the only reason for the necessity of an online business.  Second to Google search is the use of e-commerce sites for business buying and selling online.

Your organisation must therefore do all it takes to maintain and sustain all its efforts towards keeping an online presence intact and up to date to the benefit of the audiences.

Written by 

Mfon Udoh Barry

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