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3 things you can get from DOXA DIGITAL Nigeria for free

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For us at DOXA DIGITAL one of our core values is customer-centeredness, we believe that managing events for our clients is not always about making profits, it is all about the clients.  In addition to making your organisation and or business seen or heard, DOXA DIGITAL has always gone the extra kilometers by offering free goodies to its clients without making it known. However, it is our pleasure to let you know some of the free give away you can get from us when we partner with you.

Free technical and or advisory services

You can leverage this very important freebie of ours when you choose us as your event partner.  We’ve got all that it takes to give the best directions on the route we have travelled a million times. This advice ranges from technical processes to equipment involved in bringing the best out of your events. For instance, one of our esteemed clients wanted us to provide high-level multimedia services in an indoor location. After our initial recce we discovered that although the venue was apt, the kind of gear they expected us to provide was way too sophisticated for the venue. So, instead of just going ahead to our advantage of making more profit, we advised them on the best option. They were so glad we did.

Many are taking advantage of this. Why won’t you?

Complimentary services

Complimentary service is a jargon mostly used in the hospitality and or tourism industry to mean an extra service for no charge.  Equally, in DOXA DIGITAL Nigeria, we provide very attractive complimentary services to our clients at no cost. Interestingly, these services are at a high cost to other companies, who will not negotiate their stand on it.

Some complimentary services that we could consider may include basic online streaming to one platform, provision of mini PA for not more than 20 persons and much more. To enjoy this, make us your event partner for your next event.

Best discount ever on your Printing Productions

As the only one-stop-shop and the top event management enterprise, we are proud to say we can provide everything you need regarding your next event under one roof. This affords us the opportunity to offer mouthwatering discounts on your printing productions especially; this kind you may not get elsewhere.

We know that resources are scarce and difficult to come by these days, so we empathize with our client by providing a friendly budget proposal that will be favourable and also keep us in business.

In conclusion, the growth of your business is why we are in business too, and every relationship is precious to us because it is worth more than money.

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