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The Secret Strategy of event management many are yet to discover

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  • The Secret Strategy of event management many are yet to discover

We have come a long way in this enterprise; we have discovered a strategy that may have been overlooked by others. It has the potential of making event organisers achieve their objectives with very little effort as long as they have an objective.

The strategy is known as Events Sequencing; it is a strategy that reveals the creative acumen or simply put creative IQ of event organisers thereby separating the industry leaders from followers.

 Unlike the other Sequencing in story writing that involves the identification of components of a story, that is, the end, the middle and the beginning, Events Sequencing or Sequencing in events management simply refers to a creative exercise that involves a painstaking process of breaking down events into basic functionalities according to the desired objectives of the event.

Reason for the Sequencing Strategy

Gone are the days when event organisers underrate their guests by focusing on themselves only or majorly without considering the guest. No serious thinking business owner is in business for himself or herself, they are there for the customers. In today’s world, the customer is king and is always right.

The best reason for deploying this secret strategy is to ensure that the specific needs of your guest are met. In other words. In brief, it is to meet the specific needs of a specific (segmented audience) or guest expected in your event. The reason for your event is your guest; therefore one cap does not fit all.

Consider these two critical steps

It is very pertinent to consider these critical steps when designing this strategy. They are of great essence because the success of the strategy depends largely on them.  See them below.

  1. Verify your goal

Most of us are used to Verifying as a jargon used mostly on social media such as verifying an account. This time, it’s about confirming and reconfirming your reason for your event. An event goal must always be very clear and succinct. Well, let’s say it must follow the SMART process of being Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. Event planners must be careful in setting event goals, they should be event related. They should be goals that must and only be realizable by or through that event.

  1. Audience segmentation

As the name implies, audience segmentation is the process of carefully distributing a certain audience into standardized groups based on different criteria such as age group, product usage etc. It can be used as a communication function or as a marketing function (marketing communication). This is an important aspect in event sequencing because in every event there are varied audiences and so to be able to drive home your point or achieve your goal you must be able to appeal to their soft spots or their peculiarities. The criteria for the different segments will be dependent on what the event is all about or the major objectives of the event.

Written by

Barry Mfon

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