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DOXA Digital’s unbeatable, unstoppable success: Meet the people behind it

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Today, you will discover the people who make up the real Team DOXA, the ones who have been behind the exploits for over two decades.

The All Time Greatest

Without mentioning God’s faithfulness and mercies, the tale of DOXA Digital’s, unstoppable accomplishments would be incomplete. Despite all odds, through thick and thin, the company has operated successfully for over two decades. Even if there have been several scares that have led to wisdom, DOXA Digital is still strong today. All of our thanks is due to God, the All-Time Greatest.

The Foot Soldiers

Whatever a vision may seem to be, it will need people to manage it and make it a reality, regardless of how lofty that goal may seem. Equally, no matter how strong a voice of command may be, it may never be effective if there are no people to follow the order and put the strategies into action, no matter how excellent they may be.

Every event project at DOXA Digital is made possible by the team of committed, knowledgeable, and experienced workmen who run with the vision, the strategy, and the voice command to make it a success.

Meet the drivers, the riggers, the engineers, the supervisors, the admin personnel, and the project managers; It is a network of people who know what it takes to make simple ideas grand

The Master Strategist

Meet Mr. Adewole Olusegun, a trained accountant and the first well-known accountant the company has ever employed. After demonstrating a high level of commitment and passion, flawless leadership and administrative skills, innovation, and ongoing expertise in event management, he rose to become General Manager of the organization.

He is the premier strategist and the driving force behind all of DOXA Digital’s record-breaking, accolade-winning achievements. His excellent decision-making abilities, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills distinguish him as one of the best that can be found in the industry.

The Voice and the Mover

Meet Mrs. Dayo Benjamins Laniyi, the Executive Managing Director (EMD) of DOXA Digital Nigeria, an Enterprise Communicator, and a Master Compere of repute.

Let me share a secret: The Pastor’s wife, affectionately referred to as Aunty Dayo, is endowed with a special combination of personality traits that make her appealing to many people, and her voice is distinctive.

What’s even more amazing is that DOXA Digital was created because of her voice. She continues to be the driving force behind the unmatched, unstoppable accomplishments of the most seasoned event manager today.

The Visioner and the Seer

Meet the Chairman and CEO, Pastor Tunde Benjamins Laniyi. This is the man who saw tomorrow.

He rocked DOXA Digital into life, advertised his brand to customers, slept at locations, rigged, and performed recce for events thanks to his unshakeable ability to perceive the future of event management in Nigeria.

He still follows his calling and steers the ship today, making sure the business fulfills its goals and objectives. Despite having a pharmacy degree, he finds joy in serving God as a Pastor.

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