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Simple hacks on how to solve common event Problems

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If there is anyone qualified to share these experiences, DOXA Digital stands the best chance of telling the stories because we have been through thick and thin.

However, the lessons learned in these instances are not just for one party alone, they must be learned by all stakeholders in any event. Most importantly  find below the trusted and tested ways of solving these problems

Unbudgeted Cost Problem:

Going over what has already been budgeted can make your event less successful and affect your financial objectives.


Begin by creating a comprehensive budget. Set aside money for each event component, and leave money in the budget for unforeseen costs. Keep track of and update your expenses on a regular basis to stay on top of your budget.

Low Attendance:

Problem: When attendance is lower than expected, it can detract from the event’s atmosphere and excitement.


Concentrate on marketing and publicity. Use a variety of channels to disseminate the message, including social media, email newsletters, and local marketing efforts. To promote early registration, think about providing incentives as well.

Venue Issues:

Problem: Issues with the venue, such as technical problems or insufficient capacity, may cause the event to be disrupted.


Check out the location beforehand to spot any potential problems and evaluate the technical setup. Prepare a backup strategy in case unforeseen issues arise. Clear communication will help ensure efficient cooperation with the venue’s staff members.

Poor Time Management:

Problem: Running behind schedule may cause confusion and dissatisfaction among guests.


Make a comprehensive event schedule that covers setup, activities, breaks, and teardown. Allow for more time than you anticipate being needed for each phase to allow for unforeseen delays. Give responsible individuals the responsibility of managing a certain time period.

Technical Glitches:

Problem: Technical problems, such as broken sound systems or malfunctioning presentations, can throw the event’s agenda awry.


Conduct extensive technical inspections before going into the event. During the event, have backup equipment and technical support staff on hand. All presentations and multimedia should be thoroughly tested before use.

In conclusion, always be ready for any eventualities, no matter how robust your plans are; risk is an integral part of every kind of event. So, be prepared.

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