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How the presidential inauguration event and two more were successfully delivered by DOXA Digital Nigeria

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Inauguration 2023

Today, we’ll tell you about how DOXA DIGITAL Nigeria successfully executed the presidential inauguration event on May 29th, 2023, as well as two additional events. It was a historic day for us and a victory that solidified our position as the most reputable event management company in Nigeria and the FCT. 

“Results, they don’t lie,” Lanre Dahunsi said.

On a day when the entire world will be focused on Nigeria, on the occasion of her inauguration as the 16th President, the daunting task of providing a top-notch event management service for three inauguration events fell on our shoulders. We were aware that these projects would make or break us as a business and that our reputation was on the line.

It became clear that anything less than excellence and the best would be a betrayal of the trust placed in us by the Presidential Transition Committee (PTC),  and the governments of Sokoto and Katsina states.

In carrying out these assignments, we were asked to offer mega sound support, massive stage and ground support, mega multimedia support, venue branding, and mega decoration. We acted right away by developing a winning strategy that would guarantee the accomplishment of the event’s goals and objectives.

The Strategy

As is customary for us, we focused our strategy on three important elements: the purpose, the place, and the people. Our entire event was always successful when we concentrated on the trio, as we had learned from our two and a half decades of experience that the secret of a successful event is guaranteed when these three elements are well understood. 

Interestingly, our strategy became a reality, once we understood the people (attendees) expected to attend the event, the purpose for which these events were taking place, and the place or location chosen for them.  Overall, it motivates our sense of direction and tactics for the execution of all the deliverables.

The project was then effectively managed using key project management principles. To measure progress and ensure adherence to quality control procedures, safety precautions, and other standards, we divided up all the processes into smaller units. Additionally, this required that resources be allocated appropriately to each stage of the work being done.

The Execution

At this point, we drew on our three main areas of strengths, which are our expertise, our highly skilled staff, and our massive inventory of event equipment, enough to meet the demands of three simultaneous massive events for sound, multimedia, stage and grounds support, lighting, decoration, venue branding, and crowd control.

Time management was crucial because we had to deliver the prepared venues (places) and every other solution 24 hours before the events at the three locations began. We were unaffected by the time restrictions because we knew we had everything we needed to deliver the event, but we were smart enough to take nothing for granted.

Pre-events, main events, and post-events are the three stages we normally divide our execution strategy into. All hands were on deck; our branding staff, stage builders, riggers, and builders, as well as our sound engineers, power engineers, stage riggers, and venue decorators, worked nonstop at the three locations to deliver nothing less than the excellence we are known for.

The branding and decorations that adorned the Eagle Square in Abuja as well as the other two locations in the states of Sokoto and Kastina gave the event meaning and left people with vivid memories.

 DOXA DIGITAL Nigeria gave it all she had because it wasn’t enough to leave a lasting impression on the attendees (people), but rather to deliver results that would make up for any microaggressions, solidify our position as the best event manager in the FCT and throughout Nigeria, enhance our reputation, and solidify our position as the only one-stop-shop event management company or enterprise.

To minimize and eliminate any errors or technical hiccups, we conducted a number of tests and simulation exercises. After that, we coordinated with all the key parties, including the armed services, the guards’ brigade, the performers, and the master comperes (MCs). To ensure smooth event execution, we made sure that everyone followed the script.

Our inspiration ultimately came from the words of Mrs. Dayo Benjamins Laniyi, Executive Managing Director (EMD) of DOXA DIGUTAL Nigeria, a renowned master compere and skilled public speaker, who said, “You must be 10 times better, 10 times higher than the expectations of your client.”

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