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3 Effective Ways of Solving Problems and Making Quick Decisions for Your Event and Save Millions

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There is a saying that goes, “Experience is the best teacher.” It is this priceless asset that has earned us valuable opportunities in almost three decades of managing diverse kinds of events. 

In this issue, you will learn simple but valuable tips that will empower you to effectively handle uncertainties that may arise during or after your event. You will undoubtedly also learn how to apply this to making quick but wise decisions and preventing collateral damage to your organisation.

Before we get started, 

You must understand that problem-solving and decision-making are crucial skills one must develop to be a successful event manager. Consequently, your organisation may decide to sharpen the skills of your event planning department or team for excellent results.

So, based on our expertise, we now offer below the following suggestion for you to consider 

1. Assessing Risk and Contingency Planning in event management;

Events are inherently predisposed to risks and uncertainties. Your event team must conduct a thorough risk assessment to identify potential risks and develop contingency plans. This involves seeking out potential problems, evaluating their likelihood and impact, and developing innovative ways of stemming them. 

They will have to take a critical look at various aspects of the events; those aspects that may have direct interactions with attendees should be given priorities 

Your event must develop the skill of proactively addressing risks, and by having contingency plans in place, you can minimize disruptions to their smallest limits. As a result, confidence is generated and also built in the entire team, which ensures smooth event operations.

2. Creativity and Innovation in events management:

Another effective way of making decisions and solving problems that may save you millions is to adopt a creative and innovative thinking approach. By embracing creativity and innovation, you can overcome complications, create confidence, and create unique experiences for your attendees. This method has been proven many times over as a way of generating innovative solutions. 

One way to achieve this is to involve your event team in a purposeful brainstorming session around the identified problem. Creative solutions can then be achieved by thinking outside the box, challenging existing assumptions, and exploring other approaches. 

3. Data Analysis and Research in Event management:

In today’s world, data is extremely important. It helps us solve problems and make decisions. 

Therefore, it may be difficult for event planners who haven’t embraced data collection to collect attendee feedback, study market trends, and evaluate events after the fact. 

This data is like a treasure bank of information that can help us plan for the future and make decisions, especially during tough times. It becomes even more effective when we research and learn from the data and experiences we’ve collected before. 

By analyzing and researching data, we gain valuable insights that help us solve problems and make better decisions in event management. It’s important for the event team to collect and analyze relevant data because it helps us understand patterns, learn about the expectations of our audience, and make informed choices. 

So, it’s essential to gather all the data we need for our next event to empower us to plan and be prepared for any situation.

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