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How to ensure safety and security at your next corporate event with these simple Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools

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  • How to ensure safety and security at your next corporate event with these simple Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools
AI events management

What a positive disruption the world is experiencing as a result of the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). It is trolling almost every aspect of human endeavour, giving many people an entirely new experience.

Although it has both advantages and disadvantages, its impact on the event industry is already being felt.

On the other hand, security is a critical factor that is becoming a top issue facing the entire world, including events, so we will share with you some new AL tools that can be deployed at your events to facilitate safety.

AI has advanced capabilities that can provide advanced threat detection, surveillance, and rapid response, which is a significant advantage.

Before we get started,

There is a need to understand that AI is a new innovation, so there is a need to ensure that there are no breaches of any kind when deployed at any instance.

Here are the tools

AI-Powered Surveillance Systems:

These systems monitor and analyze live video feeds using advanced video analytics and facial recognition technology. AI algorithms (programming language) can detect suspicious behaviours, unauthorized access, or unusual crowd movements in the form of humans or machines, prompting security personnel to take immediate action.

One advantage of this tool is that AI systems can effectively cover large areas while reducing the risk of human error through automated observation.

Predictive Analytics for Crowd Management:

Crowd management is a crucial means of enhancing safety by reducing the risk of accidents or incidents at events such as music concerts, sports tournaments, and state-organized events

AI-powered predictive analytics can forecast attendance levels and crowd behaviour by analyzing historical data, weather conditions, ticket sales, and social media trends. This information can assist organizers in effectively allocating resources, planning crowd flow, and preventing overcrowding or congestion.


Automated Access Control:

Another application of AI to safety and security at your next event is access control. This is done by using Artificial intelligence-powered facial recognition systems, which can quickly verify the identity of event attendees, eliminating the need for physical tickets.

The idea of using computers to analyze and identify human faces dates back to the 1960s, when Woodrow W. Bledsoe, a pioneer in artificial intelligence, created a system in 1967 that classified photos of faces using a graphical computer input device called a RAND tablet.

This system helps to completely eliminate the forging of tickets or any other unauthorized access. As a result, efficiency is improved, and the chances of human errors and any form of compromise are eradicated.

In conclusion, AI is here to stay, and your event team will need to leverage its growing benefits to ensure event execution runs smoothly.

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