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The most important factors to consider just before you end the year 2022

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  • The most important factors to consider just before you end the year 2022

Since DOXA DIGITAL Nigeria has overseen more than 2,550 events in the past ten years, we are well-positioned to advise you on how to end the year 2022.

The year 2022 has been very eventful for many organizations, especially forward-thinking ones, many of which are just recovering from the hit of the pandemic that led to many downward trends in the world, especially for the events industry.

For instance, the lockdown prevented people from gathering remotely, so the industry’s trade chain was affected. However, there were also some new trends that initiated technological advancement and brought the new normal, and today we are living with it.

Just before you end the year 2022, it is expedient that you consider some factors.

How much technological advancement have we injected into your event?

The event industry has seen a dramatic change in how events are hosted since the advent of the new normal in 2021. Many organisations have joined the technological train, and many others are yet to. However, soon, those who have not hopped on the train will be left behind. New trends such as hybrid event hosting are crucial factors to consider. Organisations take advantage of this enormous opportunity to reach a much larger audience without having to pay additional logistics costs or transport participants long distances to a predetermined venue; instead, the virtual venue enables participants to participate from any location of their choice.

How many of your audience members or attendees have you known?

It is not enough for organisations to know who their audiences are; they also need to know what they do, where they spend their time, their interests, and their general behaviour.

According to, knowing your audiences helps you figure out what content and messages people care about, as well as the voices and channels suitable for passing the messages.

If your organisation wants to get the best out of any audience, it must know it inside and out. These are secrets that marketers are using to get an edge over others. Just like crawlers on the internet, which are used to monitor your favourite destinations, videos, and interests and continue to suggest them to you at any time you visit the internet, organisations should engage this model to gain the most from their event audiences.

What are your plans for the feedback?

As a result of the previous events you put on, your organisation ought to have already gotten feedback from your audiences.

According to an online source,, the term “feedback” is used to describe “helpful information or criticism about prior action or behaviour that an individual or group of individuals communicates to another.”

These comments should not be left on paper or in files; they should be worked on and used as an appraisal or monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tool. As a matter of fact, they should form the fulcrum of the next year’s policies or road map for your organisation.

Finally, don’t let 2022 pass without taking these things into account as soon as you can.  

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