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Welcome to 2023, many opportunities await you if you do these things.

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  • Welcome to 2023, many opportunities await you if you do these things.

From us all at DOXA Digital, we welcome you to 2023 the year of many opportunities. However, it may please you to know that the magic word for opportunities is actually challenges, in other words solving other people’s problems exposes you to more opportunities.

We’ll love to share with you certain principles that have worked for us time and time again for over two decades.

Work with the big picture

It was Dr, Myles Munroe that said that before an artist starts painting on canvas, he or she has already seen the end of his or her painting. In other words, the big picture guides him or her on whatever decision to make.

According to, big-picture thinking refers to a thinking strategy that focuses on the entirety of a concept or idea. Consequently, people who deploy big-picture thinking, often see the long-term possibilities of their objectives or plan and the overall potential of their success.

Let your organisation’s passion be driven by the big picture in 2023, so every other plan can fall into place easily.

Don’t focus on yourself

According to Ann Landers, “Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them.” Focusing on yourself in 2023 will only close doors to opportunities, even though your organisation is so important, notwithstanding the most important persons are your audiences and or guests at all events.

Unlock better opportunities by reshaping your focus to capture the world of your audiences in 2023. Passionately follow hard after their interests and behaviours and discover why they do things the way they do.  When you passionately focus your efforts towards the guest, you will earn their trust, which is the most important ingredient in a relationship.

Budget effectively to win

In whichever space your organisation operates, whether as a not-for-profit or a for-profit, effective and accurate budgeting can never be overemphasised; we are in a very challenging period where resources are scarce. Fixing a financial goal that is realistic for the times we are in, will go a long way toward providing the needed drive. expresses that when planning a budget, the biggest considerations should be on items that represent the sources of revenue that can cover the cost and the expenses. This is in addition to effectively identifying what falls under variable and fixed costs in order to meet your organization’s financial goals. 

Lastly, we wish to express our sincere hope that the year 2023 will present you with the best chances ever to achieve your entire goal and improve the world for your audiences, clients, and organisation. However, DOXA Digital Nigeria continues to be your most reliable event partner. You can rely on us because we are unbeatable, unstoppable, and diversified.

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Happy New Year!

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